Inglewood will use Eminent Domain to acquire private parcels for Clippers arena

The agreement between the city and Murphy’s Bowl also allows for the “potential acquisition of certain private properties not within its control.” In July, Murphy’s Bowl agreed to purchase privately owned land currently housing a Rodeway Inn & Suites in order to transform it into an entry plaza. It was one of a few privately owned parcels within the proposed arena site.

“Today is a new chapter for the Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center, as we move from the land use entitlement process and look toward construction,” said Gillian Zucker, the Clippers’ president of business operations, in a statement. “Every part of IBEC is being designed with purpose — with an unapologetic intensity that will define the experience together for players, musical talent and fans alike.”

That “inentisty” entails taking people’s private property for a private project.

Published by Concerned Residents

Concerned Residents Against Future Tax Entanglements are committed to rejecting new taxes that will create financial burdens on current property owners and our heirs.

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