Inglewood Unified proposing $240 million school bond

Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) will place a $240 million school bond before voters this November.

Inglewood residents continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 which has a direct impact on their finances.

Residents who own multi-family units are forbidden from evicting non-paying tenants due to mandates issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom and reinforced by the Inglewood City Council.

Some residents haven’t paid rent since April of this year. As a direct result, homeowners have attempted to persuade the city council to pass local measures for homeowners, to no avail.

To add insult to injury, IUSD wants residents to tax themselves, again, to put more money into the failing school district.

IUSD passed Measure GG, a $90 million school bond, in November 2012, and didn’t bother to tell residents the school district would be going into receivership the month prior. Years prior, voters passed Measure K, a $130 million school bond, which re-built LaTijera.

Now they want $240 million after:

  • Closing the original Warren Lane Elementary School;
  • June 29th state administrator Erika Torres made a decision to close the “new” Warren Lane formerly known as Daniel Freeman;
  • Attempt to lease land on the Woodworth/Monroe/Morningside parcel;
  • Erratic and inconsistent refurbishing of Morningside High School; and
  • Failure to deliver a brand new Inglewood High School

How do you feel about putting more of your money into IUSD knowing that in March 2021 the city council will put another tax before you to pay for the transit connector to the Forum/SoFi Stadium and the proposed Clippers arena?

Published by Concerned Residents

Concerned Residents Against Future Tax Entanglements are committed to rejecting new taxes that will create financial burdens on current property owners and our heirs.

2 thoughts on “Inglewood Unified proposing $240 million school bond

  1. As an employee of the district we have and never are notified we just see the wrong brought in by Lacoe Dr.Torres has hired her friends from Lacoe who are eliminating African American employees,taking jobs but giving huge raises. Noberto Perez who has no real experience entering into our district for CWA (childcare fare and attendance)but since march has gotten a approx 73000 dollar raise ,hired a Hispanic Gardening crew vs allowing our employees to work,laid off as many people as he could,we have one Police officer for School Police eliminated the Dispatcher, got rid of a lot of long time employees ,the district is in very bad shape by the very ppl who is to come here per the state and make better has not. No training in place for when students return,hiring outside security when we have a security crew. I’m afraid for what is coming


  2. There is a comment above by a current employee stating that “they hired a Hispanic gardening crew”. Although I agree there is currently plenty of mismanagement with school funds and I do not plan on voting in another bond which will only give the administration more money into their pockets. I will share my personal experience based on being an Inglewood homeowner who lives across the street from one of our elementary schools. I can tell you that it all makes sense as to why I had noticed a cleaner more thorough landscaping of the school site. I myself had placed complaints to IUSD about the gardening work done to the school and the outside area surrounding the school. It would take hours for the previous staff to get the grass cut and when they were done it was a poorly done job. They wouldn’t even pick up all the grass that was left on the sides of the street and walkway. Maybe the reason why they brought an outside company was because the current employees weren’t taking their jobs seriously. Also, I don’t see why it must be stated that the landscapers are Hispanic? So is that bad? Now in terms of other statements made. I cannot say much but in this particular statement. I’m glad they brought a crew who is actually doing what they get paid to do and some of my tax dollars aren’t going completely to waste.


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