Inglewood backtracks and uses public funds towards proposed Clippers arena

INGLEWOOD – Inglewood City Council held a last minute, special city council meeting October 22 to allocate taxpayer funds towards the Clippers project.  This is in stark contrast to developer Chris Meaney stating no public money would be used on the project. The funds will be used to expand legal services and hire consultants toContinue reading “Inglewood backtracks and uses public funds towards proposed Clippers arena”

Inglewood seeks delay of special tax district application is reporting city consultants are seeking a delay from the Los Angeles Local Agency Formation Commission (LALAFCO) on a proposed special tax district which seeks to assess property owners for the cost of constructing a transit connector (people mover) that would connect users of the Crenshaw/LAX rail line to the Forum, SoFi Stadium andContinue reading “Inglewood seeks delay of special tax district application”

Inglewood Unified proposing $240 million school bond

Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) will place a $240 million school bond before voters this November. Inglewood residents continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 which has a direct impact on their finances. Residents who own multi-family units are forbidden from evicting non-paying tenants due to mandates issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom and reinforced byContinue reading “Inglewood Unified proposing $240 million school bond”

Inglewood will use Eminent Domain to acquire private parcels for Clippers arena

The agreement between the city and Murphy’s Bowl also allows for the “potential acquisition of certain private properties not within its control.” In July, Murphy’s Bowl agreed to purchase privately owned land currently housing a Rodeway Inn & Suites in order to transform it into an entry plaza. It was one of a few privatelyContinue reading “Inglewood will use Eminent Domain to acquire private parcels for Clippers arena”

Inglewood Purchased by Steve Ballmer

Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer supported Mayor Butts 2018 re-election by personally contributing more than $280,000 to an independent committee. Ballmer’s ROI (return on investment) was unanimous approval to build a new basketball arena through the purchase of jointly owned city and federally owned property in the amount of $66 million on September 8, 2020. TheContinue reading “Inglewood Purchased by Steve Ballmer”

City Pushes Back Proposed LAFCO Meeting

The scheduled protest meeting, where Inglewood residents could weigh in, either for or against the proposed Inglewood Transportation Management Community Services District, has been pushed back one month from October 14, 2020, to possibly November 18, 2020 at the request of the city of Inglewood. Consultant Lisa Trifiletti, principal of Trifiletti Consulting, has been taskedContinue reading “City Pushes Back Proposed LAFCO Meeting”

Who is Gerard McCallum?

Gerard McCallum is the project manager of the Hollywood Park project and soon to be approved Clippers arena project. McCallum was selected to the be on the Los Angeles Local Agency Formation Commission who will support the approval of the city’s Transportation Management Community Services District application in order to place the item on aContinue reading “Who is Gerard McCallum?”

Why cities rarely build monorails, explained

TRANSIT By Dan Malouff (Board of Directors, Editorial Board) May 1, 2018 Monorails are cool! Wowee! Whiz-bang! So why don’t cities build more of them? It turns out that compared to normal rail, monorails have some legitimate downsides that make them an impractical option for most (but not all) transit corridors. First, a primer on why people likeContinue reading “Why cities rarely build monorails, explained”

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